Foods That Can Cause High Blood Pressure

Foods That Can Cause High Blood Pressure

What Foods Causes High Blood Pressure? High blood pressure is one of the major causes of death especially in this new age and i believe people should be very careful of what they eat and most especially to eat healthy food.

High blood pressure is a disease of the heart and may cause life threatening issues like hypertension, cardiac arrest and death. Foods that can cause high blood pressure and should be avoided includes;

1. Salt: Salt is one major cause of high blood pressure because it contains sodium which when in excess tampers with the heart operation. You just need to eat less of salt to prevent high blood pressure.

2. Sugar: Too much of sugar in the body can lead to overloading the insulin which may eventually reduce the efficiency of insulin in the body. Too much sugar cause diabetes and diabetes may lead to high blood pressure. You just need to eat less of sugar too i.e in moderation.

3. Fatty Foods: These are foods that can cause high blood pressure because of it high cholesterol contents. All fried foods especially those cooked or fried with animal fats in them. To avoid high blood pressure, eat less of fatty foods.

4. Junks: Junks foods may be sweet to the mouth but its deadly because it contains so many classes of food that are not beneficial to the body. Examples includes fat, salt, oil, meat etc. Foods like meat pie, sausage roll, egg roll, snacks etc are junks and should be avoided big time.

5. Meat: Especially red meat is not healthy due to the high cholesterol it contains. Take note that eating too much red meat has high cholesterol in it and its one of the cause of high blood pressure.

6. Beer /Energy Drinks: Drinking too much beer and energy drink is too risky and dangerous for the health because it contains caffeine, sugar, glucose, salt etc. Beer contains alcohol which is a drug and drinking too much of it can cause high blood pressure.

These are kind Foods can Causes High Blood Pressure either in male or female, young or old. We just need to live healthy by eating healthy on fruits, vegetables and not junks or fats.
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