Things That Can Reduce the Cholesterol Level in the body

Things That Can Reduce the Cholesterol Level in the body

In our previous post, we explained the signs and symptoms of high or excess cholesterol in the body of an individual which may may be dangerous to the health but at this time, we will be considering the various that can be done or things we do to reduce or lower the cholesterol contents in the body.

We see to the health care of our readers and am please to tell you that high cholesterol in the body is due to bad eating habit and i will classify it as unhealthy habit diet. Cholesterol cause heart attack, Obesity, cardio diseases and other life threatening issues but can be reduced, prevented or lowered through the following;

1. Drink Plenty of Water: One of the effective ways to reduce the cholesterol contents in the body is to drink enough of water. Water is a universal solvents that aids digestion and its contain over 50% of the entire body system. You may even replace your sugary drinks with water, its good for your health.
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2. Eat Fresh Fruits: Instead of eating junks, doughnuts, burgers, chin chin, cakes etc why not try fruits. Fruits contains vitamins, minerals, that fight disease, aid body metabolism and reduce fat in the body. To stay healthy, you need to eat more fruits.

3. Eat Fibers: One of the best thing you can do to yourself to stay healthy is too cultivate the habit of eating food containing fibers just like oatmeal, maize, corn meal etc. It gives energy, aids digestion and do not contain fats

4. Exercise: I still believe the best way to lose weight, burn fat or reduce the body cholesterol is to be on the run, perform some exercise which will increase food digestion rate and metabolism, burn some fat and makes you fit.

5. Ignore Junks: Most foods that are sold in fast food are mostly junks which ranges from burgers, snacks, fried rice, fried chicken, ice cream, egg roll etc are majorly high in cholesterol and it contains fat. If you ignore fast food junks, then you are ignoring cholesterol at the same time.

6. Cooking Oil: most cooking oil contains animal fat which is high in cholesterol and i really want to tell you that, you can avoid this by using olive oil to cook or if look for cholesterol-free-oil when shopping for food items.

7. Consult Your Doctor: Do not forget that the best information you can get relating to your health and cholesterol is to consult your doctor, tell him about the facts you just read and how real it can be for your health. 

Cholesterol can be very stubborn to reduce just like fat but it takes a gradual process since it was accumulated slowly too. It can be reduced or lowered with time as long you aren’t eating much of fats or high cholesterol food items.

 Stay healthy and Thanks for reading.


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